Thursday, August 8, 2013

Well this is embarrassing...

Looks like that whole "blogging" resolution went to hell in hand basket before January was even up. "The best laid schemes..." as Robert Burns said.

Bad news first:
  • Obviously, blogging fell through
  • Seeing a live theatrical show every month became more like every two months
  • No century push yet (100 pushups without stopping)
  • My Bodyfat is no where near 10%
  • Still haven't reconnected Bevin...
Quasi-Good news:
  • I haven't attempted a 5 minute plank, but I have passed the 4 minute mark.
  • While my max weight for BP has not hit 250, my 5 rep max is at 225 so I'm not far off
  • My running has improved but I haven't tried 3 miles straight yet
  • I've registered and begun a training regimen that should hopefully help me prepare for my first Tough Mudder on 10/27.

This next year is going to be insane so I make no promises as of yet for a steady stream of updates. I just closed on a house with Kirby, I got accepted to the Fire Academy at Collin College, and school starts again in a couple of weeks. Between home repairs/renovations and full time school and full time college, I'm going to be stretched thin as it is.

But this is my attempt to get back at it. Other updates, rants, and progress posts to come in the near future.

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