Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day 1 2.0

So I used to keep track of this information the old school way...with a journal. While I still scribble down notes in it from time to time, I'm looking for a quicker way to track and log information (and make it public).

While a means of primarily tracking my fitness goals, reactions, etc.; from time to time I spew out or rant about other things in my life. I'm a geek. I'm a teacher. I'm an artist. And sometimes, I get very pissed off.

Let's get the ball rolling huh?

Day 1 2.0

I say 2.0 because this is my reboot. It's been since June when I last started working out consistently. I had been going for about two months pretty strong, keeping myself pretty close to the slow-carb diet as described in Tim Ferriss' book, The 4-Hour Body. I had some pretty good gains during that time, but my financial and living situation didn't support it very well. I got a job, moved to San Antonio, and I hit the ground running. Teaching is a very stressful job, especially the first couple of years. I'm finally finding time to work out again, but I still haven't even completely unpacked (and I moved in during August). Between teaching, managing a long distance relationship, and trying to maintain everything else in my's been hard to get fit again.

But we've (that would be my significant other and I) got a beach wedding to go to this summer, and we both promised to have rockin' bodies by that time.

So today is Day 1...again. I've almost consistently been working out since December 3rd, changed my diet, and I'm trying a new exercise regimen.

I have been losing weight. While I stopped at just around 155 pounds in the summer, I'm now at 150 pounds. The change in my diet has helped. I've cut out the large intake of beans I used to ingest while on the Slow-carb diet and have since switched to a mix of Paleo/Primal. I like this a whole lot better, but I'll never completely follow it for several reasons: pie, cupcakes, beer, etc. I'm a hedonist when it comes to food and I'll never deny a craving. It keeps me sane. While I drink beer far less (I've switched to wine, but that's also because my local grocery has a terrible selection), I still have one or two every couple of weeks. And I'm finding Paleo approved substitutes for my sweet cravings so I now only rarely consume a load of pizza, burgers, or pie/cake.

My friend Ed suggested this website, Fitocracy, that makes my workouts more competitive and fun by appealing to the gamer in me; it turned it into a game filled with points and achievements. It's also another handy way to keep track of my workouts so I can look back and find out what routines worked best or what will hopefully get me to my desired result: less than 12% body-fat, six pack abs, and being able to bench press over 200 pounds.

I'm posting my photos to facebook to once again motivate myself. People have seen my semi-nude body...I better show some results or I'm gonna make a fool of myself.

In addition to exercise, I'm implementing the PAGG stack supplement regimen from 4-Hour Body along with several other little additions I'll describe in detail during a later post.

Put in my workout for the day already. Now to load up on protein and start making some tests. Mid-Term exams for my students this week!

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