Friday, January 13, 2012

Oh hey! I can update from work!

Long time no write, blog.

Usually social networking sites and the like are blocked on our network, but today of all days I thought I'd try it out. And whaddaya know, I can! So why can't I update from home?

Well, Time Warner Cable is a bitch. I've been going back and forth with them with my service since August. The short of it -- because I could rant until I'm blue in the face -- is that I was paying $40 a month for their "Turbo Boost" with advertised speeds of 20 mb on downloads; I barely cracked over 1 mb. So I was paying an extra $20 a month for their lowest tier service. I told them this. No service was ever rescheduled. I finally get ahold of them and they say I still have to pay for everything, despite the terrible service, before they would even fix it. So I kept the account closed. Not a single penny they'll see from me again. Customer lost for good. Better Business Bureau report filed. Guess it's Grande or AT&T for me!

Anyway...I didn't fall of the tracks or anything. I've been going hard and strong this past month and I'm now starting to see some results. Muscle definition is emerging, plus my ever fluctuating weight. Just before I left for my Christmas holiday, I was at 149 lbs. When I returned in early January after two weeks?

158 lbs.

Yup. Nearly 10 pounds in two weeks. I'd like to think the majority of it was muscle gain. I mean, I was still working out three times a week...but let's not lie here. I indulged. Christmas alone was 48 hours of delicious consumption. Diet be damned! There was cake to be had!

And let's not even get into all of the clearance candy.

It was a good break. Food, family, and loved ones. Got a Kindle (completely loaded with A Song of Ice and Fire series) compliments of my wonderful girlfriend (visit her blog here), and several movies I had on my wishlist for sometime including the Lord of the Rings extended edition on Blu-Ray! My parents surprised me well.

I'm thinking of joining a gym like anytime fitness. They've got a promotion for an extra two months for just a $1 and have locations all over the place. Ideally I'd like to have a gym with a pool, but just having better equipment would be nice. My barbell can only max out to 80 lbs...well, 90 if I precariously dangle each of my 5 lb dumbells on them. Plus I don't want a long term commitment as I'll be moving in the very near future. I may try Gold's Gym though....the ladyfriend goes there herself and recommends it.

Still, I've found a way to challenge myself with my home gym. I'm now down to 153 lbs as of this morning. Muscle definition is emerging in my chest and biceps, and my abdominals are strengthening as well; a slight V is already developing. I'm pleased with my progress and adherence to the diet so far.

Downside? I usually end up working out late because of work and it's hard to wind down before midnight. I'll burnout for sure if I keep it up. Going to work on only 5 hours of sleep? Not smart. I was late by nearly 45 minutes last week. Burning the candle at both ends and I'm running out of wax. But, I get a three day weekend which will give me plenty of time to deflate, unwind, and prepare myself.

It's going to be a busy couple of months, but I'm really excited.
Pictures to come to next week on my progress. And this time updates won't be a month apart!

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