Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Maybe it was the early morning flight, maybe it's the limited contents of my home gym, or any combination of other factors; but I feel like I'm about to hit a wall. I felt very unmotivated to workout yesterday. Wasn't sure what routine I should do, so I just winged it and puttered out. I'm going to need to join a real gym soon: 1) I feel like I need to spice things up, and 2) my home gym is very limited (90 lbs max, and I prefer high intensity/low repetitions). Anytime Fitness is on the plate, as it caters to my sometimes odd hours and they have a couple of reasonable specials (free 14 Day trial and $1 for two extra months to any membership). Ideally I'd like to join a gym with a pool and if it's a major chain, one with several locations and reasonable rates (No more than $30/month).

Now I'm not burning out on the diet. I cheat every now and again, especially this past weekend: had waffles, chic-fil-a nuggets, beer, a couple of cupcakes, and nearly a dozen cookies. But I love food too damn much to completely cut it out for good. So I limit the intake to rare occasions, and binge in moderation (well, moderation in my book). I love the paleo/primal based food I'm cooking, though. I cooked up a decent batch of chili that tastes delicious and I'm trying out these avocado cocoa rolls tonight (basically the Paleo version of swiss rolls). Video below:

The food is no problem. I have a style of living right now that could keep me at a healthy and attractive weight as I am now...but that's not the goal. And if I want the results I'm looking for, I need to step it up and increase my intensity. Tonight begins my interval training, focusing on abs and cardio. I'm hoping this perks me up and gets me back into the routine.

Hovering at 155 lbs pretty consistently, and that's without a decent workout since Wednesday of last week (not counting last night, which wasn't even decent). I'm doing something right.

Now I just need to keep it up.

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