Sunday, January 6, 2013

Hey there stranger

Wow...I didn't realize it had been a whole year since I last posted on this blog. I'm awful. Insert excuses here. Let's just move on and make the best of it yeah?

2012 was pretty eventful. Completed my first year of official teaching. Did some traveling with the loved one (Cancun and Destin, FL). Moved to Allen. Found a good job in Dallas still doing what I love (teaching theatre). Got engaged to the aforementioned loved one.

But let's talk in relation to this blog, yeah? Primary purpose was for keeping up with health and accountability. Here were last year's goals...

Goal for May 2012: Bench Press 200+ lbs and under 12% Bodyfat.

Current BP: 160 lbs
Current BF: 14.8%

Was I successful? Mostly. I did hit a new PR on bench press with 215 lbs in May. Not quite as successful with my bodyfat (I maybe brought it down to 13%). After summer traveling, though, problems arose. I went into vacation mode and ate very badly, rebounding up to 180 lbs. I dropped down to around 165 and lost most of it but when my job started I lost time for the gym...well, I made excuses and didn't go to the gym. Last time at an official gym was in October. My strength has dropped and after the holidays I was pushing 170 lbs again. Doesn't seem like much, right? Only five pounds. Well, considering I'm losing muscle, too, I'd say that's least 10 pounds in FAT I gained (while losing the GOOD pounds from my muscles).

But my loved and I have pledged ourselves anew. We drew up a contract, which I'll share details to some other post, so we can have a support system in ourselves that also offers rewards/consequences. I mean, we've got to get into shape by this summer for engagement photos and so that she can try on dresses...the pressure is on!

Lots of new goals to hit by this summer:
  • 250 lb bench press
  • 10% or less body fat
  • Run 3 miles straight without stopping, averaging no more than 9 min/mi
  • Register for and start prepping for a Tough Mudder event (Dallas has one in October)
  • Do a REAL century push (100 push-ups straight)
  • 5 Minute Plank
Mixing in a Meta-Paleo diet with Intermittent Fasting, 3 Workouts a week, one run a week, and at least two recreational fun "workouts" (Kinect!). I'm excited for us. The new year is on the way and I have just five more months to get through before summer break. More to come later. I'd write more, but it's late and I have no idea why I got the urge to write this right before bed.

Below is my first progress pic. This is my baseline. These will become weekly starting this Saturday (which are my cheat days, so right before I do some short term damage).

Weight: 170 lbs
Waist: 34"
Mid-bicep Circumference: 12.5"
Mid-thigh Circumference: 23"
Neck: 16"

Here's to a better me...

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