Sunday, January 13, 2013

The view out the gate

And it looks good so far!

11 Days in and I'm six pounds down! And that's overall, but doing a little math with bodyfat?

Using the following site:

My body fat was at around 13.68%, give (most likely give) or take a percent. So about 23/24 of my 170 pounds was fat.

This week? Well, going down to 164 pounds...
My bodyfat went down to around 12.74%. Again, give or take a percent or so. That puts me at 20/21 pounds of fat from my total 164 pounds. Hmm, that makes it seem less impressive. I mean, that's 3 pounds of fat loss and 3 pounds of muscle loss, right? But none of my muscle measurements went down...except around my waist. Hmm, that can only mean one thing...

My bodonkadonk is slightly less bootylicious. My fiance just cried in dismay at this recent news. I must also lament. My booty is signature me! I mean, you put a list of things you most remember about Colin and they'll most likely include my geekiness, my cheesy smile, and my badonkadonk. Let's hope this self-improvement relocates to more vital areas like my mid-section.

Noticeable change right? Or is that just me? I mean, my stomach looks a little slimmer already. I also need a haircut. Looking a little shaggy back there.

While my progress pics are scheduled for Saturday mornings (my cheat days), they won't be coming this Saturday because I'll be in SAN DIEGO! Tell ya all about it when I get back...

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